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The organization provides a means for citizens to make gifts to specific organizations, general areas of concern or the common good, to pool and manage endowment funds for local nonprofit organizations, and to distribute funds to benefit the community.

Application Information: 

October 15th is the deadline for submission of applications for December funding awards; December 15 is the date of approval for the second award cycle.

Sample Grants: 

Iowa State Bank, $13,104; Johnson Co. Early Defibrillation, $2,000; N.L. Family Resource Center, $3,070; Crisis Center Emergency Assistance, $2,500; Shelter House, $1,750; Coralville Family Aquatic Center, $5,940; The James Gang, $1,500; Horace Mann Family Resource Center, $2,900

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(319) 337-0483
(319) 338-9958
325 E. Washington Street
Iowa City, IA 52240
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