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The Iowa Grants Guide

How to Use the Iowa Grants Guide

The Iowa Grants Guide is a database of nearly 700 funders in Iowa or with an Iowa connection.

If you are seeking grant money

If you are seeking funding for your organization, you must CONTACT FUNDERS DIRECTLY and follow their guidelines to submit your proposal. To find funders whose interests match those of your organization:

  • Scroll down to the search filters; use the filters to narrow your search.
  • Review the results paying particular attention to funders with a mission that aligns with that of your organization.
  • Note restrictions such as funders’ preferences for organizations within a certain geographic location, those focused on a particular mission, application deadlines, and other criteria.
  • CONTACT THE FUNDERS DIRECTLY using the contact information they have provided.


If you are offering grant money

  • If you are a funder entering your funding organization's information for the first time, click the Submit a new grant button at left. Fill in information requested under the tabs headed General Information, Grant Information, and Financial Information. When finished, click Save.
  • To update information about your organization or application procedures, click the Funders: Submit an Update button at left. Complete the online form and click Save.

Information is reviewed by LAWINRC staff before posting.

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