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201 Isabella St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5007
United States

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The grant maker has identified the following areas of interest:
*Conservation and Sustainability;
*Global Education and Workplace Skills;
*Business and Community Partnerships;
*Safe and Healthy Children and Families;
*Employee Matching Gifts

Sample Grants 

Barn fra Ukraina, $36,000 (gift matching); Boys and Girls Clubs of Evansville, $20,000; Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, $10,000

Application Information 

See Grant Application Requirements on foundation website at


Applications are accessible by invitation only. Please note that Alcoa Foundation is not accepting Letters of Inquiry at this time due to current commitments. Unfortunately, the Foundation cannot respond to unsolicited proposals that it may receive.
For information on the basic requirements that organizations and programs must meet in order to be considered for Alcoa Foundation funds, see the website.


Rosa Garcia Pineiro, President
Robert Bear, Director
Octavio Caravalheira, Director
Anne-Catherine Couture, Director

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Dec 2022
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