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Manager, Corporate Contributions
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Cynthia F. Kleven
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3M Ctr., Bldg. 224-05-N-40
St. Paul, MN 55144
United States

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3M invests in: Academic programs in science, engineering and business, and increasing the diversity of individuals entering these fields; K-12 education -inspiring student interest and success in math, science and economics by advancing teacher excellence and college readiness; Health and human services -strengthening youth and families through prevention programs, job training and by providing humanitarian and disaster relief; Arts and culture -enhancing the quality of cultural life in 3M communities through organizations with strong education and community outreach programs; and the environment contributing to the sustainability of the earth's ecosystems, focusing on biodiversity and climate change.

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See Web site.

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Contact by letter first. Letter of inquiry to nearest company facility.
See Web site for deadlines.


Funding is limited to communities in which 3M operates. In Iowa, these are Ames, Forest City, and Knoxville. 3M has three focus areas: education, community, and environment, each with its own grant cycle. See the Giving and Volunteerism website for details.


Kimberly Price, President; Carlye Landin, Secretary; Matt Ginter, Treasurer.

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Dec 2017
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