The University of Iowa

Mansfield (Wesley & Irene) Charitable Foundation

Employer Identification Number (EIN) 


Telephone Number 
P.O. Box 7
Tama, IA 52339
United States

Grant Information

Application Deadline 

Giving primarily for higher education, including educational foundations.

Sample Grants 

Albion Education Foundation, $5000; American Red Cross-Iowa, $15,000; Belle Plaine Ambulance Service, $15,000; South Tama Community School District, $20,000; Tama County Day Care, $3000

Application Information 

General guidelines:

A) Grants are only made to nonprofit organizations or governmental entities.

B) The focus of the Mansfield Foundation is to support the communities of Belle Plaine and Tama, Iowa and Albion, Nebraska.

C) Applications need to be received by May 15 to be considered for acceptance.

D) If awarded, grants are generally disbursed in July of each year.

Information about the applicant entity:

  • Name, address, city, state zip; contact name; phone; ¬†email
  • Is the applicant a governmental entity? Yes / no
  • Is the applicant a nonprofit organization? Yes / no.
  • If you are a nonprofit, attach a copy of your IRS determination letter or a copy of your most recent form 990. If you are a nonprofit, attach a list of your governing board.

Application address: Mark Harrington, 124 W 3rd St, Tama, IA 52339

Phone: (641) 484-3000

Submission deadline: May 15th (annually)




Eugene Severson (Chairman)

Mark Harrington (Treasurer)

Bradley Cook (Secretary)

Grant Sizes: 
$3,000, $70,000
Total Grants 


Date of latest financial data 
Aug 2020