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Winnebago Industries Foundation

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Kathy Bonjour
Telephone Number 
(952) 828-8485
P.O. Box 152
Forest City, IA 50436
United States

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Sample Grants 

Red Cross, Des Moines, $5,000; Buffalo Basic Chapter of Delta Waterfowl, Thornton, $500; Cerro Gordo Trails, Mason City, $500; City of Joice, $5,000; Lake Mills Parks & Recreation, $10,000.

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Katherine Friesz, Winnebago Industries
13200 Pioneer Trail
Eden Prairie, MN 55437
(952) 828-8485




Strategic focus areas include outdoors, access, and community.

Priority is given to communities where Winnebago Industries operates.


Stacy Bogart, President, Trustee; Katherine Friesz, Executive Director, Trustee

Trustees: Michael Happe, Bryan Hughes, Don Clark, Steve Heese

Grant Sizes: 
$500, $200,000
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Total Assets 
Date of latest financial data 
Aug 2019