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Jill Olson
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(319) 774-3813
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The Iowa Women's Foundation is committed to improving the lives of Iowa's women and girls. We use research to uncover the biggest barriers to women's success as well as their greatest needs, and we invest our passion and resources accordingly.

Sample Grants 

House of Hope, $10,000; Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa & Western Illinois, $7500; Lutheran Services in Iowa, $10,000; Women Food & Agriculture Network, $7500; EMBARC, $9435; NISAA African Family Services, $10,000; Mid-Iowa Communication Action Inc., $7000; Tanager Place, $10,000.

Application Information 

Six areas (child care, education/training, employment, housing, mentors, transportation) have been identified as the most critical barriers for Iowa women and girls. Grant applications must address one primary barrier. Applications may be submitted beginning February 1 and are due the last working day of April.

See the Core Grants page for details.

Emergency Grants are also available. These are small, one-time-only cash awards given to nonprofits and other community organizations, including organizations that may not be eligible for traditional grant funding, for immediate emergency needs for servicing clients. Emergency Grants will be awarded at a minimum of $300 and a maximum of $1,000. Applications may be submitted at any time during the calendar year, and applicants may submit multiple applications, however, organizations may not receive more than one Emergency Grant per calendar year. Awards must be used within 30 days and a project completion form submitted within 45 days. Once allotted funds have been awarded, applications will be closed for the calendar year. See the Emergency Grants page for further details, guidelines and an application form.


The grants are awarded to organizations that address at least one of the six major barriers that IWF research has identified as most critical to the success of Iowa’s women and girls: childcare, education and training, employment, housing, mentors, transportation. If your organization is addressing any of these barriers, we encourage you to apply for an IWF micro grant.


Jill Olson (President & Director)

Chelle Lehman (Vice President & Director)

Sarah Leonard (Secretary)

Stan Miller (Treasurer)

Dawn Wiand (Executive Director)

Grant Sizes: 
$6,500, $10,000


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Jan 2019
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