The University of Iowa

HCR Manor Care Foundation

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Telephone Number 
(419) 252-5989
Fax Number 
(419) 252-5521
P.O. Box 10086
Toledo, OH 43699-0086
United States

Grant Information

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Assistance to approximately 350 indigent individuals or families who are experiencing distress due to terminal illness. Assistance to approzimately 240 individuals or families for the cost of funerals. Approximately 60 public awareness campaigns, seminars or meetings that deal with issues related to end-of-life care, which are made available to the general community. Approximately 40 support groups or grief camps for adults or children which are open to the general community.

Sample Grants 

Alzheimers Association $2,500; Young Entrepreneurs Academy $500; Washington County Special Olympics $500

Application Information 

Applications should be addressed to: William White, 333 N. Summit Street, P.O. Box 10086, Toledo, OH 43699; Phone: 419-252-5578

Submission deadline: Either April 1 or October 1


Rick Rump (President)

Eric Talbert (Treasurer)

Dan Kight (Director)

Grant Sizes: 
$25, $5,000


Date of latest financial data 
Jan 2017
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