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Waitt Family Foundation

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(605) 232-9929
P.O. Box 1397
North Sioux City, SD 57049
United States

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The foundation believes that every child and family should have the opportunity to choose their own futures and succeed in fulfilling their dreams. To that end, the foundation seeks to: Empower Communities - enhance the capacity of communities to promote positive social change supportive of families; Leverage Partnerships - partner with projects that show promise and are widely applicable; and Communicate Ideas - help in the dissemination of new ideas to communities and families that will help them plan in the present for a better future.

Established in 1993, the Waitt Foundation (WF) is a charitable organization based in La Jolla, CA. WF's mission is to help good people do great things. Our mission is to support organizations doing pioneering work with the potential for large-scale impact. We do this by making grants to programs that help us understand our past, improve the present, and prepare for the future.

Sample Grants 

Bishop Heelan Catholic School, $8,616; Briar Cliff University Social Work Department, $500; Camp High Hopes, $10,187; Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, $500; Hospice of Siouxland, $100; Mental Health Association of Siouxland, $600; Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA,  South Sioux City Nebraska, $2,200; Sioux City Conservatory of Music, Sioux City, IA, $100; United Way of Siouxland, $4,000.

Application Information 

Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. Responses to applications take about six weeks. 


Maximum amount for a grant request is $15,000.


Theodore Waitt, Hailey Waitt, Cindy Waitt, Dave Russell, Jacob James, Shane Hartnett, Josh Sherer, Mark Dickey

Grant Sizes: 
$200, $1,550,000
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Jan 2018
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