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Viking Foundation of Lincoln

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Steven A. Eggland
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6039 Hidcote Dr.
Lincoln, NE 68516
United States

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The Vision, Mission and Values of The Viking Foundation of Lincoln
Vision: The Foundation envisions creative and flexible opportunities to improve and enrich the lives of people who are less fortunate with an emphasis on youth. The Foundation will accomplish this goal by periodically awarding several modest financial grants.

Mission: The mission of the Foundation is to provide charitable support to individuals, groups and activities that reflect its stated core values with measurable and/or observable results.

Core Values:

· Young people are the world's greatest resource.
· All people deserve an opportunity to learn and work, and to learn to work.
· Recreation is an essential element in a quality-of-life formula.
· Good health results in a good life.
· Discrimination in any iteration is intolerable.
· Good and adequate food and clothing should be always available.
· Decent housing should be a right, not a privilege.
· Population control is important to the planet.
· The environment must be protected for future generations.

Sample Grants 

Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center, Urbandale, IA, $6,000; Everybody Wins, Des Moines, IA, $6,000; Holy Family School, Des Moines, $3,000; Center for People in Need, Lincoln, NE, $5,000; City Impact literacy program, Lincoln, NE, $3,000; Lincoln Music Teachers Association, $2,500.

Application Information 

For grant details and information on how to apply, see the Contact Us section of the website. 

The application deadline is October 1 annually. Awards are announced in December. 


The Viking Foundation seeks to provide financial assistance to young people and families. This support will only be provided to other 501(c)(3) organizations in three counties in Nebraska (Lancaster), Iowa (Polk) and Colorado (Denver) in the form of modest need-based grants directed to individuals (especially children) and families challenged with education, poverty, housing, gender, mental and physical health, and other issues. The areas of support and core values will be sustained in perpetuity, unchanged by future Boards of Directors of the Foundation. The Foundation's objective is to remain as flexible and creative as possible, in the context of the mission, regarding the nature, size and purpose of the grants awarded.


Steven A. Eggland, Board President
James B. Berg, Vice President
Jeffrey T. Ceurvorst, Secretary
Sally Johnson Eggland, Treasurer
Roseann R. Christensen, Public Information Officer

Grant Sizes: 
$5,000, $10,000


Date of latest financial data 
Dec 2018