The University of Iowa

Raccoon Valley Bank Charitable Foundation

Employer Identification Number (EIN) 


Telephone Number 
(515) 465-3521
1202 2nd Ave.,
P.O. Box 129
Perry, IA 50220
United States

Grant Information

Application Deadline 

The foundation supports organizations involved with education and community development.

Sample Grants 

ACLU Foundation, $1000; Art on the Prairie, $1,000; Cyclone Club, $7,500; Dallas County Conservation, $175; Dallas County Hospital Foundation, $2,760; Iowa Legal Aid Foundation, Des Moines, $1,000; Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, $300; Perry Community School Foundation, $25,000; Greater Dallas County Development Alliance, $5,000; Iowa Public Radio, $100; Science Center of Iowa, $500; St Patrick's Church; Perry; Iowa; $1,000.

Application Information 

In writing, with a brief explanation as to the charitable or other need.


Must be to charitable, religious, literary, educational or other worthy institutions or organizations.


Terry Nielsen, President/Director; Sally Haerr, Director; Elizabeth Garst, Director; Sarah Garst, Director; H. T. Holcomb, Director; John Peters, Director; Doug McDermott, Director; Dan Wilhelmi, Director; Kendal Rathje, Secretary/Treasurer

Grant Sizes: 
$25, $20,375
Total Grants 


Date of latest financial data 
Jan 2018
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