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Northwest Area Foundation


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(651) 224-9635
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(651) 225-7701
60 Plato Blvd. E., Ste. 400
St. Paul, MN 55107
United States

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The mission of the foundation is to support the efforts by the people, organizations and communities in their eight-state region to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable prosperity. By funding the work of proven or promising organizations, the foundation will focus on three outcomes for its eight-state region: Increased assets and wealth among people with low incomes; Increased capacity and leadership to reduce poverty; and Improved public policy solutions to reduce poverty.

Sample Grants 

Grow Iowa Foundation, $300,000 Iowa State University, Horizons Delivery Organization, $351,000 Iowa State Unviersity, Showcase Trainer, $4,100 Iowa State University, Design Team Video Conference, $3,000 Iowa State University, Horizons Grassroots $ Groundwork Conference, $2,000 Community Foundation of Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Community data collection, $90,000

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