The University of Iowa

Donaldson Foundation

Employer Identification Number (EIN) 


Telephone Number 
(952) 887-3131
P.O. Box 1299,
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1299
United States

Grant Information

Application Deadline 

The Donaldson Foundation considers grant applications in two key areas: Education at all levels and organizations focused on assisting the transition towards economic self-sufficiency.

Sample Grants 

Howard Winneshiek Community Schools, Cresco, IA, $10,000; Dixon Public Schools, Dixon, IL, $19,200; United Way of Lee County, IA, $7563; Rensselaer Central Elementary Schools, Rensselaer, IN, $4000.

Application Information 

Applications should be addressed to: The Donaldson Foundation, P.O Box 1299, Minneapolis, MN 55440; Phone: 952-887-3131
There is no submission deadline, and no formal application is needed. The Common Application is accepted. See pdf for details.


Funding is available for organizations in the Twin Cities area and in U.S. locations where we have a significant manufacturing or distribution presence.


Paul Way (President)

Nathalye Blok (Secretary)

Jeff Jones (Treasurer)


Grant Sizes: 
$1,138, $250,000


Date of latest financial data 
Dec 2018
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