The University of Iowa

Cline (Morgan E.) Perpetual Charitable Foundation

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The Continental Hotel
217 N. 13th Street
Centerville, IA 52544
United States

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The mission of the Morgan E. Cline Foundation is to fulfill our founder’s vision of fostering viable and thriving communities in and around Appanoose County, Iowa by collaborating to provide resources and professional support to local charitable organizations.

Sample Grants 

City of Exline, $1000; Kids World, Sac City, $5000; Appanoose County Foundation, $20,000; Appanoose County Historical Society, $20,000; Rathbun Lake Area YMCA, $50,000.

Application Information 

Alison Fraser, 217 N. 13th St., Centerville, IA 52544
Telephone: 641-437-1068

No formal grant application form and no submission deadlines. Any grant awarded will require an acknowledgement from the recipient that the funds will be used exclusively for charitable purposes and will be required to submit proof of 501(c)(3) status.


Focuses on giving in and around Appanoose County, Iowa.

Adheres to four main areas: community and economic development, historic preservation and redevelopment, seniors and healthcare, and culture and the arts.


Allison Fraser, CEO; Frank Reznicek, Vice Chair; Connie Stater, Secretary; James Milani, Trustee; Ann Young, Chairperson; Vanessa Fraser, Trustee; Michael Craver, Trustee; Iowa Trust and Savings Bank, Corporate Trustee/Treasurer.

Grant Sizes: 
$1,000, $50,000


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Aug 2017
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