The University of Iowa

The Governing Board for Iowa Charitable Nonprofits, Second Edition

by Willard L. Boyd, et al

Governing Board

Every nonprofit organization in Iowa has some form of governing board. This volume deals with some of the central issues faced by members of a board of governance:

  • What is the responsibility of a governing board? 
  • What does the board do? Who is the Board? How does the board function? 
  • What is the role of the board chair? 
  • What is the role of the executive director and staff with the board? 
  • How is the board accountable?

The second edition includes new or expanded material on:

  • Legal compliance and good management practices
  • Board accountability and compliance
  • Beyond legal obligations
  • Adopting a code of ethics and creating an ethical culture of compliance
  • Evaluation of the Executive Director
  • Legal Compliance Checklist for Iowa Nonprofits
  • The Best Web Sites for Iowa Nonprofits

Willard L. Boyd is a lawyer and an educator. He is Rawlings-Miller Professor of Law at the University of Iowa and President Emeritus of the University of Iowa and The Field Museum of Chicago. 

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