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Girls Rock! Des Moines

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Sara Routh
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Director of Programming
3635 E 43rd Ct.
Des Moines, IA 50317
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Our Purpose

We lift up the unique voices of girls and gender-expansive folx through creative expression. We believe each of our rockers should have a chance to celebrate their one-of-a-kind identity, their own inner strength and creativity and connect to the world around them through music education, innovative programming and performance. We encourage them to explore their inner rocker, develop creative habits, and discover what inspires them.  At GR!DSM, every rocker gets to share their unique voice with the world - because every voice deserves to be heard.

Our Culture

We inspire our rockers to use their own unique voice to rise and reach for their own endless possibilities in an atmosphere of respect, positive language and energy. We encourage curious minds to share ideas, and we embrace diversity, regardless of race, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation, gender expression, or birth-assigned sex. We support personal growth, positive body image, and awareness of self and others. We provide leadership opportunities that cultivate passionate, supportive peers and mentors. We advocate for social change through the empowerment of folx who experience gender oppression or marginalization, and work to develop life skills through music performance and creative opportunities.

Our Community

We collaborate as parents, teachers, musicians, artists, and volunteers to give rockers the creative freedom to discover strengths, achieve dreams, and realize their own power to change the world. Our community encourages the advocacy of social change and the development of life skills through music performance and education while promoting awareness throughout our community of how girls can and will become the individuals that change the face, hearts and minds of the world we live in.  We build the Girls-Rock-solid foundation that enables us to deliver life-changing creative experiences. Everything we do emanates from our passion for the empowerment of girls and marginalized identities; their voices drive our inspiration.

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