The University of Iowa

Emerson (Harland & Genevieve) Foundation

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James E. Van Werden
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(515) 697-4300
P.O. Box 129
Perry, IA 50220
United States

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One of the purposes of the foundation is to award educational scholarships and loans. When the students' education is complete, the loans are to be repaid. This makes the money available again for future loans.

Sample Grants 

Grants in the range of $750-$5,000 have been given for college expenses.

Application Information 

Applications must be submitted by April 30. Apply to James E. Van Werden, PO Box 99, 1009 Main St., Adel, IA 50003.

Students may submit an essay describing and/or giving examples of their a) character, b) intelligence, c) desire to finish higher education. Students must submit high school and college transcripts. They must also submit an application annually including a financial statement of the applicant's parents if they are a dependent and three years tax returns of parent and student. 


Must be a graduate of Adel-Minburn-DeSoto High School and desire to attend a college or university. Students must provide proof of fulltime status and grade point average for fall term (2.o and 2.75 for loans and scholarships respectively) prior to receiving second half of loan or scholarship for spring term. 


James E. Van Werden, co-trustee


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Sep 2019
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