The University of Iowa

Private Foundation

Barr (Homer G.) Trust

Scholarship awards for individuals attending accredited divinity schools.

Application Deadline 

Address application to: First American Bank, 1207 Central Ave., Fort Dodge, IA 50501; Phone: 515-573-2154

Forms available upon request.

No submission deadline.

Clement (Albert B. & Vera) Charitable Trust

Giving for the benefit of senior citizen organizations.

Application Deadline 

Applications should be addressed to: Brad Skinner & Don Timmins, Trustees, 115 Center Ave N., P.O. Box 760, Mitchville, IA 50169.

Applications must be in writing and specify how the grant will be used.

Submission deadline: November 1 of each year.

Meredith (Edwin T.) Foundation

Grants largely for youth agencies, higher education, cultural programs, and a historic preservation area; some support for hospitals and health agencies, as well as for conservation.

Application Deadline 

Smith (Freda B. & William H.) Trust

Scholarship awards to graduates of Beaman, Conrad, and Liscomb school districts, IA.

Application Deadline 

Application address: Smith Scholarship Committee Midwest, PO Box 10, Conrad, Ia 50621; PHONE: 641-366-2165

Submission deadline: No later than March 31 of senior year in high school