The University of Iowa

Private Foundation

Krumm (Daniel J. & Ann L.) Charitable Trust

Giving primarily for Lutheran social services and to a camp; funding also for the arts.

Application Deadline 

Applications should be addressed to: Timothy J. Krumm, 122 S Linn Street, Iowa City, IA 52240; Phone: 888-222-0814

No specific form is used for application, current exemption letter requested 

Submission deadline: None

Elwell (Denny & Candy) Foundation

To provide grants to pre-selected organizations primarily for higher education. Fields of interest include Christian agencies & churches; higher education; college.

Application Deadline 

Falb Family Charitable Foundation

Gives primarily to the arts and education and human services. Fields of interest include disaster, fire prevention/control, heart and circulatory diseases, secondary and higher education, children/youth, services, and art museums.

Application Deadline 

Farrer Endowment Foundation

Giving primarily for youth services and public libraries.

Application Deadline 

Applications should be addressed to: Gerald M. Stambaugh Secretary, P.O. Box 1567, Mason City, IA 50402; Phone: 641-423-5154

Applications should include: Written request in specific form

Submission deadline: January-April 30 (annually)