The University of Iowa


Chrysalis Foundation

The mission of the Chrysalis Foundation is to build stronger futures for the women and girls of central Iowa by creating change for women and girls and changing the systems that impact them.

Application Deadline 

MidAmerican Energy Foundation

The foundation supports various charitable organizations as well as public and private colleges and universities. The foundation supports fairs and civic centers and organizations involved with arts and culture, higher education, cancer, and human services.

Application Deadline 

Applications accepted year round.

Conner (Alice) Trust

Provides scholarships to Iowa students for post-secondary education in Iowa.

Application Deadline 

Applications should be addressed to: Scholarship Selection Committee, P.O. Box 16268, Des Moines, IA 50316; Phone: 515-246-8240

Submission deadline: April 1 of each year the following school year


Gartner Family Foundation

To provide funding primarily to the arts, higher education, Protestant agencies and churches, youth development and youth services.

Application Deadline 

Applications should be addressed to: Gartner Family Foundation, 100 Market Street, Des Moines, IA 50309; Phone: 515-279-6155

Applications should contain all necessary information concerning the purpose the grant, loan, etc., including where the applicant can be contacted

Submission deadline: N/A

Krause (Kenneth R.) Charitable Foundation

Giving primarily for higher education and health.

Application Deadline 

Applications should be addressed to: Brett H. Krause, trustee, P.O. Box 41355, Des Moines, IA 50311

Applications should include: Request for funds, project outline, description of charitable purpose and planned use of funds

Submission deadline: None