University of Iowa

Art, Culture and Humanities

Edwin T. Meredith Foundation

Grants largely for youth agencies, higher education, cultural programs, and a historic preservation area; some support for hospitals and health agencies, as well as for conservation.

Only makes contributions to preselected charitable organizations. Does not accept unsolicited requests for funds.

Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts, The

The foundation recognizes, encourages, and supports talented individuals who want to pursue an education and a career in the performing arts. The foundation sponsors a major performing arts scholarship program, promotes an annual performing arts festival, and promotes concerts, stage plays, and...

Arts Midwest

Arts Midwest presents and sponsors performances and exhibitions seen by more than half a million people annually throughout the Midwest and around the world. Arts Midwest maintains a commitment to artistic quality and to reaching underserved audiences and communities.

Performing Arts Fund Does not offer direct support for artists; contact state arts agency directly for further information

Iowa Nonprofit Summit

The Iowa Nonprofit Summit is October 29-30, 2019.
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