The University of Iowa

Art, Culture and Humanities

Chesterman Family Foundation

The income earned on the Foundation's assets will be used as contributions to further serve educational, charitable, cultural and religious purposes; specifically given to qualifying public charities under section 501(c)(3).

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McCarthy-Bush Foundation

The foundation supports organizations involved with education, health, human services, and religion.

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Arts Midwest

Arts Midwest presents and sponsors performances and exhibitions seen by more than half a million people annually throughout the Midwest and around the world. Arts Midwest maintains a commitment to artistic quality and to reaching underserved audiences and communities. Programs and initiatives...

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Performing Arts Fund Does not offer direct support for artists; contact state arts agency directly for further information

Iowa Academy of Science

The goal of the Iowa Academy of Science is to further scientific research, science education, public understanding of science and recognition of excellence in these endeavors.

IJAS- Iowa Junior Academy of Science promotes the study of and participation in science by elementary and...

Application Deadline 
Friday, January 31, 2020

Application form required. See website for guidelines.

Deadline:  January 31, annually.