The University of Iowa

Private Foundation

Verizon Foundation

Our funding priorities are STEM education for K-12 youth and domestic violence education and prevention for youth, women and older adults.

Application Deadline 

Applicants should contact their local community relations managers which can be identified on the Giving and Grants page.  Guidelines, exemptions, and other details are also provided on the page. There is no submission deadline. 

Weatherspoon Charitable Foundation

Giving for childhood development and education, Christian services, food services to the needy, aid to the homeless, and environmental conservation.

Application Deadline 

Citizens First National Bank Foundation

To distribute funds to religious, civic, and educational entities in the Storm Lake and Early, Iowa areas.

Application Deadline 

Applications should be addressed to: Citizens First National Bank, P.O Box 1227, Storm Lake, IA 50588; Phone: 712-732-5440

Applications should be in writing and should provide information that the applicant deems appropriate

Submission deadline: November 1 (annually)

Cromer (George M.) Scholarship Fund

George M. Cromer was a Clinton County farmer and Iowa State University graduate (class of 1917). Mr. Cromer established a scholarship that is for Central Clinton Community School District graduates with preference given to members of the First Congregational United Church of Christ, DeWitt and...

Application Deadline 

Recipients of the George M. Cromer scholarship fund shall be required to be residents of Clinton County, Iowa at the time of their selection to receive such benefits. Further consideration will be made as to:

  • The character of the individual
  • The intelligence of the individual, which shall be above average
  • The scholastic record of the individual

Special consideration will be given to deserving graduating students of Central Community High School, DeWitt, Iowa, who rank in the upper one-half of their graduating class, or any student who has previously graduated there from in the upper one-half of their class and who is, or plans to enroll in a college, university, religious school or seminary for the study of philosophy of religion or theology qualifying such student for the ministry, priesthood, or other church-related professions as social workers, counseling service, missionaries, or any other profession in the general religious endeavors in assisting mankind and spreading the word of God. Members of the United Church of Christ of DeWitt, Iowa will be given special consideration, however the scholarship fund shall not be limited to members of this church, but also members of other churches in DeWitt.

Applications should include a written description of academic history, personal references, and extra-curricular activities. 

Download application at link provided. Applications due April 1 of each year.

Crouch Education Foundation

Scholarship awards to high school graduates of Sioux City, Iowa, attending Western Iowa Tech Community College.

Application Deadline 

Devol (Lorraine Blanc) Charitable Trust

Makes grants to other organizations for medical research.

Application Deadline 

Applications should be addressed to: Ashlee Vieregger, 453 7th Street, Des Moines, IA 50309; Phone: 515-245-2937

Applications should include: Letter describing purpose of grant including statement organization is 501(c)(3) exempt, the amount of the request, and description of program

Submission deadline: None