The University of Iowa

Private Foundation

Guest (W. H. Guest & E. M.) Educational Trust

Scholarship awards to students attending two-year trade or vocational school in the Cherokee, Iowa area.

Application Deadline 

Applications should be addressed to: Craig Wiese, Trustee, Co Cherokee STA, 212 W Willow St., Cherokee, IA 51012; Phone: 712-225-3000

Applications should be on the form provided by trust to applicants.

Submission deadline is May 1 of each year for the school year beginning the following fall.

Green (Ralph & Sylvia G.) Charitable Foundation

Giving for the arts, education, the environment, and human services.

Application Deadline 

Applications should be addressed to: Ann G. Anderson, PO Box 8429, Des Moines, IA; Phone: 515-966-9333

Submit a letter stating purpose and need attach proof of tax-exempt status.

Submission deadline: None

Gannett Foundation

Most of Gannett's community grants target grassroots organizations in the areas of social/human services, health and mental health, benefiting the most disadvantaged people in our communities. Support is given primarily in areas of company operations.

Application Deadline 

Multiple grant programs are available. For details see

Completed applications are processed through the foundation's online grant management software system. Applications are accessed through the foundation website.

Phone: 703-854-6000

Friends of Fort Dodge Swimming

Publishes, prints promotional material for local nonprofit organizations, and purchases swimming equipment encouraging interest in swimming.

Application Deadline