The University of Iowa

Be Sure to File Biennial Report by April 1

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Registered agents for Iowa nonprofit organizations have received reminders from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office to file their biennial reports by April 1. All nonprofits organized within Iowa or authorized to do business in Iowa must file the report between January 1 and April 1 of each odd-numbered year. The report may be filed by mail or online at no charge. The Secretary of State’s office recommends using Fast Track Filing to file biennial reports, update registered office and agent information, and to file other documents online. Creating a Fast Track Filing account is quick, convenient, and offers a dashboard where past filings are stored and can be reviewed. There is no charge for creating the account and no fee for filing the biennial report.

If preferred, the report may be filed online without creating an account. On the Fast Track Filing screen, you will see this option: Click here to file biennial report (no account required). This opens a screen to search by business name or business number and to choose whether you will file online or by paper.

If your organization’s registered agent has not received a reminder notice, contact the Secretary of State’s office. Failure to deliver the biennial report within sixty days of the due date can result in your nonprofit being administratively dissolved by the Secretary of State’s office.

We recommend that the registered office and registered agent be recorded in your organization’s bylaws and updated when that information changes. At the same time, be sure to update the information with the Iowa Secretary of State’s office. This will ensure that all information is current and that the right person at your nonprofit receives the reminder notice. For additional information, refer to the Secretary of State’s FAQ page.

If your nonprofit did not receive a reminder letter, or if you need assistance, contact the Secretary of State’s office by telephone at 515-281-5204 or by email