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*How to Begin a Planned Giving Program with Limited Resources
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Have you heard the terms planned giving, legacy giving and bequest? Are you aware we are currently in the greatest wealth transfer the United States has ever seen? Are you not sure how to incorporate planned giving opportunities into your fundraising appeals and not yet ready to add on new staff? So often, nonprofit leaders and fundraising staff get nervous about planned giving. Can you relate, because you know it is really important but wouldn’t consider yourself an expert? Did you know that your nonprofit organization is potentially missing out on a great deal of charitable dollars by not talking about planned giving? Are you confused about where to start? If so, this 90-minute interactive nonprofit webinar is where you should start.

Presenter Susan Kahan, fundraising and nonprofit expert, will cover:

  • A variety of planned giving vehicles so you feel comfortable talking about them to donors
  • Where to include planned giving messages in your marketing and website
  • Examples of how small (under $1M), medium ($1M -$10M) and large nonprofits ($10M+) promote their planned giving opportunities on their websites 
  • How to prepare to ask for a legacy gift in a donor meeting
  • How to listen in to your donors for verbal cues that now is a good time to speak about a legacy gift
  • How to review your database for the best planned giving prospects 
  • Tools to talk to your colleagues in other departments and members of your board on why this is so important. 

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Tuesday, May 23, 2023 - 12:00pm
1815 Purdy Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
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