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*Grant Readiness Scores: Case Studies & Lessons Learned
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Grant readiness is often something that grant professionals assess using their gut feelings based on experience as well as tools like checklists they have developed over time. Yet often that gut feeling or the checklists are discounted or looked past by organizational leaders pushing for an increase in grant revenue.

Presenter Diane Leonard has spent the past eight years analyzing data from nonprofit organizations submitted through the GRASP Tool. Through this research, she has learned common areas of weakness and strength in organizations and has delved deeper into specific case studies to look at tactics to make organizations stronger.

In this session, Diane will share with you:

  • What makes an organization “grant ready;”
  • What GRASP grant readiness scores indicate;
  • What are the common grant readiness strengths and weaknesses of grant seeking organizations;
  • How to judge your organization’s grant readiness for a specific grant opportunity; and
  • Tools that will assist you in managing and improving your overall grant readiness.

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Thursday, April 20, 2023 - 11:00am
15227 Heritage Dr.
Clayton, NY 13624
DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services LLC
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DH Leonard Consulting