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*Exploring Co-Executive Directorship
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Two pairs of Co-Executive Directors, both part of the Ford Foundation's Art for Justice Fund, take part in this webinar. We'll learn how the organizations---Recess and Campaign for Fair Sentencing for Youth--- made the decision to switch to co-executive directorships and what they are learning as their respective implementations unfold.

Among the topics to be explored:

  • how the shift to co-executive directorships ties to organizational values
  • how the organizations structure their co-executive directorships
  • how the organizations' boards of directors have adapted to this approach
  • what the effects of co-executive directorships have been on their organizations and their communities
  • what guidance they would offer to organizations considering this shift


  • Shaun Leonardo, Co-Director, Recess
  • Allison Freedman Weisberg, Founder & Co-Director, Recess
  • Xavier McElrath-Bey, Co-Executive Director, CFSY
  • Jody Kent Lavy, Co-Executive Director, CFSY
  • Helena Huang, Project Director, Art for Justice Fund


Thursday, April 15, 2021 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
88 Broad Street
Boston, MA 02110
Nonprofit Quarterly
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Nonprofit Quarterly