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*Everyday Megadonors: A New Force in Giving
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There are nearly four times as many Americans worth more than $50 million than there were just a decade ago, and many of them are giving to charity. For the savvy fundraisers who have learned how to capture their attention and garner their support, this can be a boon. But, how else are these megadonors changing the face of fundraising? To find out, we’ve brought together a panel of experts to discuss trends in big giving and discover how smart nonprofits are attracting some of the biggest gifts in their histories. They will address some of the primary questions surrounding megadonors in particular and fundraising in general:

  • What should fundraisers know about the growing class of megadonors?
  • How can charities best navigate the growing wealth gap as they seek to attract more money to fuel their operations?
  • How can fundraisers assure smaller donors that their support still matters?

Host: Maria Di Mento, Senior Reporter, The Chronicle of Philanthropy



Tuesday, May 23, 2023 - 1:00pm
1255 Twenty-third St. NW
Washington D.C., DC 20037
Chronicle of Philanthropy
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Chronicle of Philanthropy