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*Creating Quality Participant Surveys: What to Ask and How to Ask It (Online)
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Do you feel like you should do a survey, but have no idea what to ask? Do you have a survey but aren’t sure if the questions are phrased the right way? Surveys are a common methodology to gather data from your program participants. They are frequently a part of a program evaluation process. It can be overwhelming to know what to ask and how to ask to ensure you are in fact measuring what matters. In this webinar, we’ll dig into how to determine what to ask as well as how to avoid common survey design mistakes. Take the stress out of survey design, and get the data you need. 


Presenter: Chari Smith, President and founder, Evaluation into Action. She is the author of Nonprofit Program Evaluation Made Simple: Get Your Data. Show Your Impact. Improve Your Programs.

This webinar qualifies for 1.5 CFRE points.  

Thursday, August 19, 2021 - 1:00pm
32 Old Slip
New York, NY 10005
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