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Build a Diverse Pool of Donors
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More and more fundraising leaders are figuring out how to tap the generosity of donors from a range of cultures, faiths, and sexual identities. Their lessons can help your nonprofit engage and build trust with donors who may be quite different than the people who supported your nonprofit a decade ago. How can your nonprofit tap into the generosity of donors of all backgrounds and broaden its support? In this 75-minute webinar, you’ll learn from an expert who has conducted research on wealthy BIPOC donors and a nonprofit leader who has worked in 17 countries to advance gender and racial equity.

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This session qualifies for 1.25 CFRE credit.

Thursday, March 23, 2023 - 1:00pm
1255 Twenty-Third S. NW
Washington D.C., DC 20037
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
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Chronicle of Philanthropy