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10th Annual Nonprofit Public Policy Symposium: The Why and How of Civic Engagement
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This unique virtual event welcomes you into a community of leading scholars, nonprofit practitioners, community advocates, and regulators who are experts in the field of public policy. Together, we’ll work to develop a better understanding of policy issues that are shaping – or have the potential to shape – the future of civil society. 

This year, the symposium will focus on leading-edge research on nonprofit engagement in voting, equity, democratic participation, and election reform.  Nonprofits play a critical role in keeping the wheels of democracy turning – including through voter education and advocacy for policies supporting accessible, healthy, and secure elections.  

You’ll have the chance to learn about new research findings from leading scholars, explore case studies from nonprofits’ on-the-ground experience, and sharpen your advocacy and public policy skills. 

Whether you’re a seasoned policy expert or someone who is totally new to the field, there’s an incredible amount to learn!    

Friday, September 17, 2021 - 1:00pm to 3:30pm
1602 L Street NW
Suite 900
Washington D.C., DC 20036
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