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Sehgal Family Foundation


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100 Court Ave., Ste. 211
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Giving primarily for the environment and natural resource conservation. The foundation also works to address issues in India, such as gender inequality, low literacy, and awareness of reproductive health and family planning. Additionally, the foundation works to facilitate Gurgaon, India villagers in assessing their perceived, met, unmet, hidden health care, and other domestic needs, and it also works to ensure that safe drinking water is available throughout rural Gurgaon, and to promote water literacy. The foundation also works to create village level institutions in India which generate both employment and income, and assist in start up farm production activities.

Sample Grants 

Orient Land Trust, $3,500 CIMMYT, Mexico, $110,000 Ashoka Trust for Research, Belmont, MA, $64,000 Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation, Sanibel Island, FL, $25,000 Trust for Advancement of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi, $2,470 South Asian Fundraising Group, New Delhi, $12,115

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