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Support principally to improve the quality of life of older persons in the U.S. Priority interests are innovative model projects and research designed to: 1) improve the availability and quality of community-based long- term care by: increasing the availability and effectiveness of community programs designed to maintain older persons in their own homes, as well as those in residential settings; improving the quality of nursing home care; and integrating the provision of acute and long-term care for older persons with chronic conditions by supporting efforts that provide continuity of care, prevention, early intervention, and client education; 2) provide new and expanded opportunities for older adults to engage in meaningful roles in society such as employment and voluntarism, that will strengthen the community through activities including, but not limited to, advocacy, community leadership, community services, and intergenerational programs; 3) seek causes and solutions to significant problems of older adults through support of selected applied and policy research for which federal funding is not available; and 4) increase the number of professionals and paraprofessionals adequately prepared to serve the elderly population through support of selected education and training initiatives that enhance knowledge and skills of participants.

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Submit proposal preferably in Jan., Apr., or July; deadlines Feb. 1, May 1, and Aug. 1

Sample Grants: 

Advocate Charitable Foundation, $100,000 Alliance for Aging Research, $95,785 Benjamin Rose Institute, $99,852 Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago, $120,000 Community Catalyst, Inc, $138,688 Cornell University, $160,000 Generations of Hope, $94,500 National Hospice Foundation, $161,000

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