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The foundation supports hospitals and organizations involved with arts and culture, higher education, youth development, and business and industry

  • No grants to individuals
  • Unsolicited proposals not accepted


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Financial Data Last Recieved: 
Aug 2014
Total Grants: 
Sample Grants: 
  • Amana Arts Guild, $2,000
  • Iowa 4-H Foundation, $40,000
  • Johnson County Foundation, $1,000
  • Mercy Hospital Foundation, $20,000
  • University of Iowa, $3,000
Contact Information
(319) 679-2291
131 Main St.
Hills, IA 52235

Dwight O. Seegmiller, President William H. Olin, Vice President Earlis Rohret, Vice President John Benson, Secretary James G. Pratt, Treasurer Willis M. Bywater, Director Ann M. Rhodes, Director

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