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3M Foundation

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(651) 737-3610
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(651) 737-3061
3M Center
Building 225-1S-23
St. Paul, MN 55144-1000
United States

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3M strives to maximize our social impact within our communities and support a culture of service among our people. To do this, 3Mgives partners with leading organizations that are aligned to our global footprint and have proven track records for making a difference in our three areas of focus: education, community, and the enviroment.

Sample Grants 

Iowa communities where 3M gives include Ames, Forest City, and Knoxville.

Application Information 

Grant cycles, guidelines, and contact information varies with the area where funding is being sought. See for details.


See 3M Grant Guidelines at  for details on grant cycles and eligibility criteria.


Kimberly Price (Pres.)

Carlye Landin (Secretary)

Matt Ginter (Treasurer)

Grant Sizes: 
$15,229,497, $15,229,497
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Date of latest financial data 
Jan 2017