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Remaking the Economy: Owning our Future
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How do we create an economy in which ownership is truly shared and in which we all co-own the future? To addresses this question, four authors from NPQ’s summer economic justice magazine will challenge us to rethink how to structure ownership at the level of culture, the nonprofit sector, and the workplace. 

This webinar will explore:

  • What is ownership? How does its present structure reinforce inequality?
  • How does the present system of ownership facilitate resource extraction?
  • What ownership rights presently accrue to the owners of capital? What rights do the public and local communities retain?
  • How must ownership rights be restructured to create a more equitable economy?
  • How can nonprofits and community groups leverage their own economic activity to promote a more equitable and democratic economy?
  • How can a kinship-based model of ownership support the revival of Indigenous communities and promote equitable regeneration?
  • How do worker co-ops democratize ownership? What role can policy play?
  • What does a broader vision of democratic ownership that sustains us—at work, on the land, in communities, and at home—look, taste, and feel like?

For more information, a list of panelists, and to register, see the event website. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 1:00pm
PO Box 961749
Boston, MA 02196
Nonprofit Quarterly
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