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*Going Virtual: Why, When, and How to do it Well
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While COVID-19 certainly accelerated the virtual organization trend, there are very good reasons beyond the pandemic for nonprofit organizations to consider it. People are moving to virtual---whether full or quasi--for cost savings, for enhanced staff recruitment and retention, and to embody their commitment to employee wellness, among other reasons.

In this session, we'll learn from leaders of a diverse group of virtual organizations. Among the questions we'll explore:

  • Why are leaders going virtual?
  • What technologies and practices make it work for them?
  • How do they build and sustain staff culture?
  • How do they address issues of equity and inclusion?

This session is ideal for:

  • senior staff and executives considering going virtual or quasi-virtual
  • senior staff and executives who have recently made the transition and are seeking better practices
  • consultants and capacity builders who support making the transition to virtual
  • funders of organizations making the transition to virtual

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Thursday, September 22, 2022 - 1:00pm
PO Box 961749
Boston, MA 02196
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